! dreamt i had a little niece in my arms, took her to the sea cliffs, stormy night sea, a cataclysmic wave, we held our breath together alive. this moment passes and I wonder if maybe I should blow her some breath a refill for her tiny lungs, she looks at me and nods, “no, i am ok” her and I are sitting there with the midnight blue water rushing over us. I see her face calm, moonlit, she is holding her breath, serenely. I’d sat down close to the edge with her held tight in my left arm. then this wave swoops up so fast it’s upon us before anything can b done. the cliffs were a good 100 meters high. my biggest fear at first, was simply vertigo, and allowing her to see over without frightening her. the sea was so choppy and black and angry, frothing an spitting. I saw the waves getting bigger, and a whale tugged sideways in the riptide. she seemed about 14 months old thereabouts. I asked her how she thought the sea spray did that, she said something profound that I forget. what’s weird is I have visited this same place in my dreams several times. I even climbed from the beach below all the up the cave tunnels. the cliffs were above caves so when the waves hit, sea spray would shoot all the way up a passage and geyser next to us. it was around dusk.


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