empirical doubt

VVVKillOldPixurz 849

shivers in a crappy gray overcoat
with short sleeves and padded shoulders
considering the possibility of his own imminent
validation, a theorem well received,
immortalized in the cannon of reason, however

an empirical spine
will never measure
the length of love.

doubt sits awkward on the bank,
above the river of unmediated joy,
shooing ants, applying hydrocortisone,
almost breaking into pity
for the white trash beer cans
flung all over the grass.

he is a parched tower
cross-legged, chicken and egg
un-fucked, condescending down-hill
knock-kneed i.q. choking in the thin air
of its terrible heights and climes
blushed in the presence of the heat below
where supple fools splash and
ring forth vulgar nonsense…

the drunkest one in a burnt sienna
one-piece emerges from the water
with un-coagulated bravery
and a cut on her shin

she blows snot on her friend,
heavenly un-taught synonyms
ravaged figures of speech
a rapture of cold nipples
and milwaukie’s best

with the posture of a toddler
she shakes her goose-bumpy limbs
scratching her itch, constellations
of mosquito bites
and her head full of tameless hair,

she coughs up a lung
and says with all due gravity,
“i swear to god there’s eels down there.”

feeling the cold breath from the banks,
her eyes flash and shatter his coke-bottle frames,
issuing a statement of fact that will plague his valves
till his heart stops short 35 years later

logic is a snivelly little shit of a man.

imagination is wings
delivering pizza
in a ford fiesta
full of tiny lightning
a million drams of impulse

we remain tied fast to a pillar
with myopic digits
and rules of three.

we insult the infinite.
we bridle passion and plasma
the galloping power
of a horse’s ass

we harness desire
with unbreakable tethers,
the tensile limits of lust
restrained, fucking fear
like there was no tomorrow

she goes on burping the alphabet
in a lilac shower
with nary a wit
in her supple
little cortex


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