i’ve swung through so many emotions the last week or so i’m like a wet tree swaying in a windstorm. it’s familiar territory however, being crazy as hell, as you all well know. the madness comes with a certain beauty midst the shake and wail. we live in precarious lanterns. our wicks sputter, flutter, flicker, sail. and yet we remain. like ghosts we merge and urge and mash or mosh one another. it’s a strange and precarious dance. sometimes slow grinding thighs like lovers. we jitterbug with others. sometimes we clatter beaks or even fly. in the clamor others stammer yet for all the pain we share an elegance and language only petrels and kestrels know, or so it goes.

avatars goddesses demigods, flora, fawns forest creatures leviathans minotaurs hummingbirds, sluts whores fags saints prim base acerbic volatile, shades shadows resplendent bugs insectivores true believers harlequins nyphos alike tower glower shower fuck in a bower, shoot code, sing odes to misery freedom death, bluebells trumpet snapdragons gorgons cunts cockerels sherpas monkeys mynas urchins devils sing epistels tongue fuck statues fist victrolas, even crows. we dance a dream naked in the rain and wake late for work or languid with slick fingers we suck we hive we drool we strive inks pink and baby if only you knew what you were getting into i ask gadfly to shrew, would you, could you, do it all over again?

Skull the wisdom only the birds of paradise eschew in a swelter helter skelter stripped of artifice cold as a stone walked one leg at a time from the vaults of heaven, as they grew feathers, pixels only isis and kali so fearsome knew such height and climes grown bold and cold blooded withdrew from the game of angels and the temporal audacious vacuum of gamma and nebulous shouted crown us in flesh and tweed for we need syntax and grammar and tectonic seventy pin blackberries iphones thumbs and tunnels of light replete. for what other reason have we travailed eons, other than this current we swim and brim among the luminescent ozone abreast we nestle in the rain and fuck like bats on acid


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