She’s having fun with me.

I let her have her way.

We’re walking us around,

watching people who won’t ever know

 It’s my love’s first time

blowing bubblegum with a boy’s mouth

standing slightly taller,

really enjoying a cigarette

writing it all down on paper.

She’s acting like she’s studying

maybe she is a little bit,

this book isn’t exclusively a prop.

There’s a work of a kind getting done

we engage her conscienceless

body language and coincidences.

A vacant thread of attention,

silent sexuality,

sea anemones

sending chemical messages into the water,

our eyeballs watch it happen.

Hair strung out as an indicator of obvious preoccupation,

too scared to stare into each other’s faces,

then all of a sudden we’d need words

instead of bubbles of immaterial longing.

 I’m pressing into the table,

licking my lips and enunciating

as your signals land ever so lightly.

I taste them and they dissolve

straight into our imaginarium

I hear your voice

it makes my skin blush…

you watching me seemingly fuck the paper

I make authoritative movements

gesture myself to stage front

without doing so much as talking,

not even looking your way to disturb your view of me.

I want it to haunt you,

how your mind gets it this easy,

yet I remain unapproachable even as some dork walks up to me

gets me to say hi, no, and fine.

You can’t even get to hello

I’ve swallowed every available word

to keep us on this level,

totally naked and abstract

our minds fuck like ballerinas on strings

I’m shaking with the thrill,

knowing how you wonder

could you really have me?

You doublecheck every thing you know

with another look you’re sure

you’re irretrievably lost in lust.

You give me even more

your head drops to the books

you no longer care to look at

all that matters anymore is what I’m doing now.

expert fingers on a throttle you can only dream of touching,

I engage and speed licks her lips

the room is reduced to the sound of transaction

people walk in and out dizzy on the contact rush.

You don’t even drink your coffee.

You’ve fallen almost asleep.

I’ve spent all your worry for today.

Just listen to the footsteps

the sound of the cash register

people moving into place.

They fade into nothing

in this place where we screw.

They talk about skiing destinations

some lady is talking on her phone

I get louder

we make her sneeze with the imagery

You get up to pay for something

I can’t make out what you’re saying…

something about your hands,

a quick reality check,

You go for a magazine

always fingering a rubber band in your hair

the static knob on a wave generator.

You’ve gone and made the line secure.

continuing  series of sensuous

fixation terrorists in alt vault trompe position.

a guessing game now.

am i grossing you out with what I’m doing to my bubblegum?

you get up

you start throwing candy hearts into the garbage can.

now you’ve dropped one.

That’s the one I’ll steal if you leave before me.

 isn’t it brilliant like this,

given each other nothing but a sense of wonder?

what exactly ARE we doing

licking  each others brains like this?

I love you.

I love you silent and crazy

now I have to leave to keep my make believe.

You’re so perfect in my mind, my

Mute Valentine.

VVVKillOldPixurz 730


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