will you walk awhile with me?

you wanted to hear me tell you something breathless in the morning,

ennobling gossamer threads you can wind around your fingers

an absent thought to wear like earrings or leggings

down the blustery avenues waiting for flowers to pop.

i went out looking for you in the day trip dawn

with booze in my veins and lightning in my eyes

i found your analogue in the gutter, bubbling in a storm grate

for nothing and no one, you sang a song of popcorn

and apricots like a tipsy dove on nyquil in a fever dream.

you say thirst is relative yet i wonder if ever my tuneless anthem hits

your bones, will it prompt a yawn or spring your frame aloft.

i could almost smell lust once more in my moment of bleakness

yet you slip once again through my razzrezzed hands,

too clumsy to pry open a snapdragon without

popping its proud little neck, and you my shipwreck unbidden,

elicit words like saffron and pomplemousse with your spectral prow

and wings once more burst from my shoulders like a sentinel

once i knew steady affection and the tremulous heaving of ribcage

and thighs buckling to the fridge, to the loo for a drink between gasms

of late my vantage a sirocco occluded behind my nomad eyes

and corkscrew bangs, how i shimmer swimming before you in thin air

yet ostrich like make my way home with my dick in the sands of anomie

(would you like to walk awhile with me?)

the pitter patter of fine toothed demons sashe upstairs in the gallery

the gog and magog of bloody capital fucklust duel to be the first

to drag this hoary piano of modernity afire into the sea

look tho, how the pendulous magnolias drink of dawn

and speak in a language only refugees of desolation know

jackhammer notions throttle your petal

sallow cowards speak of complicated need, professing love

jamming more hours of timid half measures, to shove

six fingers in a one armed gauntlet, seven rotten letters for beauty

gangly starlets of naught and nil dangling from your last word (was that a meme?)

you drop anchor on desolate shores (this is the volcano you vaunted?)

the booming smugness of vapid retort the muggy piss of discernment (was that a dream?)

the agonizingly long slow screw,,, he even spoke of his fucky family to you

(was that a scheme?)

for treble steel you jack bullets into the clip, your fistful of knives to pluck

like a juicy raspberry harpsichord, well… i wish you well, lily, gaze awhile upon

27 more dusky bars, stealing time gems that truly bring you joy

all the while i’ve grown barbels down here and my lobes squirt coins. well trained eyes dodging misapprenion




then then at the end you are dead


i love it when you play dead doll


its all I ever wanted


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