green monster

i wonder if you fancy it a sun storm

how merry the delusory state being

all means necessary perpetual slate

florence of the weeping contusion

plaster of paris in a vat of gauze

haps a tactile addiction folding

the ghost of a tape worm what

does he intimate in moments

of plummeting brow mending

fuckall why like an amulet that

snags would you carry the broken

sparrow that sings seldom for you

the cross stitching of exes and eyes

ticking batting the incessant cotton

prattle of an unsound will rough like

a sack of potatoes his burlap landscape

[not to fault the lad he’s good with a yarn]

unseemly as a drag racer in garish vestments

born to burn to smoke tires and crash among

the bumbling bumbleweeds or have i read him

[ wrong ] twinship i admire sometimes i thank

pangaea for splitting so as into the night i sing

i picture lungs closer than aortas to ventricles

a bellows a clover a knot a tide a cove a song

i compose in the wings as he flits and flings

lagers with prussian pomp to scarlet aplomb

[i hesitate for even my bane be it your pleasure

is a tune i weather like a sad dove in the eaves

amid the shrikes and squacks of storm crows

tumbler in hand a toasty scotch an even keel

a few paces off his addled mosh & gnashing]

tonight i saw your visage in an alleyway

stenciled boldly in the sodium light

i hugged a lamp post and closing

my eyes so long i forgot i had

a train to catch your voice

whispered from the bricks

a piebald pigeon cooed me

from ribald reverie a gaze

my palms retina a thirst

for your hips as the pint

to a juicehead’s barmy lips

a nostalgia for premonition

my fingertips tracing mortar

softly the small of your back

the prick how i pine for his

demise i kicked a dumpster

in effigy and bruised my toe

i left the acid prick ammonia

note of high murderous rage

on fulham street astumbling

home to read you once more

[press play for the umpteenth time

may it dissolve like his glue and this

aching for only you and time can quell]



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