VVVxxxYouVioletGreen 045

writing about moths is like singing with scissors in your

hands. like cotton burning gin fizzes, like a ladybug flying

home. your deconstructionist yard sale in the rain. frogs are

swimming in your watercolor leftovers. in a dust devil you

would be the only one with wet eyes.

all the better to eat you with said the raven.


a clear bell in the morning will only see twenty legs.

when she’s busted in the afternoon,

only three souls will be around to hear.

later on these shadows will use her

image to charm the choir.

not even ghosts are so lonely.

this dirty penny wont suck up in the vacuum. why is she so

ugly and green? why are you so stupid,

they ask the penny…

just before they get burnt.

this penny is a sticky bitch.

she wont answer to anyone. she slays him,


the mettle of liberty’s bow

glowing red she burns it

and screams for the shadow’s scales

to measure light verses

the mother of all whores puking death,

and death’s head,

beneath a horse’s hoof

skull split on the sidewalk

outside the hospital

VVVKillOldPixurz 727

oh yes my lovely snapdragons

she snags her spleen to a silver swivel

clasped to a split ring to a blood willow

she sinews by tooth wisp to asp

gloaming little eyelets she singsongs

knots in truth before skewering wisp to asp

she runs it hissing through a no fault clause with

quickening spit strikes deep in bone shadow

crown to murk in gale brook mallow her sable bangs whip

gloaming she opens with her eyelids a case

which once for want of reason closed

causes treason once more by a false stitch

collage 2 what portfolio work

to raise her noble prow addressing   syntax  amast to employ

cannonade syntax amplitude tectonic  means of anthem to

confound the faux capital of megalopoly

rendering the mystery visible to a generation rapt

in bewildering mendacity despots

towers of desolation adust imprisoned

catacombs of language and both in

fuck fuck fuck fuck ………………….. interlude ……. my wick is spent

syllabic mastery beckons open a channel in the sky with a

cataclysm of divine grammar hastens the finite power of

digits INDIDIZNI a missive of divine release she

strips rivulets of lightning in one voluptuous lick her split in full surrender glorious wicked curse spoken now


spectral wail by stipulation

B2u01JwCUAIG9pB.jpg large

a sirocco she SURRENDERS

her SLIP  explicit sexpilot whale VEXED

sub OCTAVE NIX fucking HER NYLON SEA canary

VVVKillOldPixurz 494

 even her tongue anchoring anew

amending the antique writ of usury deep bank

busted bridge trestles three ounces seven dram

bat treble hook whipstitched steel leader

sling slang slung

VVVKillOldPixurz 510

 this moth likes to land

on lampshades and bus transfers..

she has been aflutter all night long.

when she lands on this sticky penny,

she is full of song. she says,

when the sun is scarlet

and my life is narrow,

why must you be so heavy?

VVVKillOldPixurz 912

because love is like a wheelbarrow,

it shines, it spills, it carries dust,

and i’m not getting any younger

so sing at me if you must. would

you rather i lie here and die here,

sold my soul’s spark for a herringbone coat

to another dead letter, in a mantle of rust,

mouth sewn shut, 94857833937889

inviolate drams of fear,

resigned to FUCK a pallid ANTIZIONOVIA

glad to suck the dregs of weak gruel?

strong arms stricken dumb, lamenting the

poverty of my own soul aloud, voice gone mute,

an old woman’s wail, another recrimination,

strong arms stuck dumb?

the ghastly silence of disenfranchisement

elder of a generation, shot dead by a young fool?


megaphone 212

 conscripted thought criminal?

i will fight this duel,


ultraviolent 298

abandoned to what?

no, i will see a new day.

muscle. fortitude.

the salve that is

unmediated truth

unbroken language.

tell me now isn’t it raining?


basilisk i.version7 WitchMOTH WHAT institution Split the Dross








devil lyric reversal

in cursive flux

evil notes vanishing

swan into her thorax

the devil slake blues

gulping whole into

black lungs her

swollen delta

moonlit catslip slit

split open tune


moonlit eye


her pussy blue listing with voltaire

    grinds her pussy blue listing with voltaire

grinds her pussy blue listing with voltaire

maniacally lost in a vision of Victrola away

Teletemporial Wing Immersion

because nothing tastes like wet copper beneath a violet sky.

electrocution gallops a day mare up the sidewalk

trying to find his marbles on the way home.

pigeons and ravens almost as greasy as his hair.

boots heavy crushing chestnuts like glue.

160 pounds of modern nightmare is this man burning

nicotine and grinding his nails.

scared of his own breath and the bats upstairs.

his clicking knees like keyboards on couches,

nerves like the console split, transistor pins frayed

like a bad needle on a good record, sirens would rather

lash their bodies to the sea than hear this man speak….

this dirty penny doesn’t suck up in the vacuum.

she flew out the window and landed beneath the moth.

call in sick of smiles and syntax.

call in sick of pupils,

bored of flowers,

my thorax for irises,

this is what its like to be near you.

remember life is a bloody mess, so chew.

the moth takes one long lick.

that’s when the lightning hits.

when the penny flew.

hit the nightmare

between his big fat eyes.

this moth wears a busted bridge like an 8-track player

wrapped around her neck. she warbles and still,

the tape turns over. modern man burnt to a crisp.

some old dragon swoops down and sinks its teeth in.

and has a good meal. notes and all.

a penny for your thoughts.

her image and wings

in mirrors and coffee tables.

smoke tipping the scales.

the power of lies.

the loon.

and liberty.


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